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Mini-Me Yoga Workshop for Grownups

Mini Me Yoga 2 Hour Workshop for Grownups  PERFECT FOR EDUCATORS, CAREGIVERS, DAYCARE PROVIDERS, THERAPISTS, CHILD AND YOUTH ADVOCATES, DOCTORS, PARENTS AND GUARDIANS! This Foundational Workshop is for Adults Only! ~No Previous Yoga Experience is Required~   Mini-Me Yoga is a Heart-Centered, playful approach that teaches children breathing techniques and Read more about Mini-Me Yoga Workshop for Grownups[…]

OPEN HOUSE at Oak Learners

Oak Learners is a fully registered not-for-profit organization, offering day school programming for children with specialized learning needs, including enrichment, mental health, social-emotional needs and learning differences. After school enrichment in the areas of arts, music, academics, and mindfulness is also open for registration. A full program schedule can be Read more about OPEN HOUSE at Oak Learners[…]

Ease back into Back-to-School: Mindfulness Workshops to ease the mind

Anxiety is one of the fastest growing concerns among school-aged children and youth in the school system these days. Many teachers and parents agree that children are under increasing pressure to perform in the classroom to keep up with standardized curriculum, all while having their time spent outside or in Read more about Ease back into Back-to-School: Mindfulness Workshops to ease the mind[…]


PA Days are awesome at Oak Learners! A typical day for all campers includes a morning meditation with yoga elements, fun arts and musical activities throughout the day, and an outdoor adventure trip to a local park or nature trail. Campers may choose 1 of 3 specialized programs for the Read more about PA DAY CAMP[…]

Mindfulness Tips to Start Your Day

Whether you are the type of person who wakes up ready to take on the world, or the type of person who needs time and space to prepare for the day, adding a few moments of mindfulness practice to your morning routine can make all the difference to your mindset Read more about Mindfulness Tips to Start Your Day[…]

Acorn & Oak Yoga Workshops

Acorn & Oak Family Yoga A unique family Yoga experience providing nurturing techniques designed to empower bonds and create wellness in all aspects of family life. Our small group classes facilitate individualized instruction and personal attention. This is a perfect introductory workshop for a family looking for an introduction to yoga or for those Read more about Acorn & Oak Yoga Workshops[…]