All of the benefits that yoga brings adults are amplified for children, which is why it’s important to introduce yoga to children during these impressionable years. Yoga encourages an acceptance of oneself that comforts them during times of self-doubt. It encourages a mindfulness that creates a positive outlook, increases confidence, and builds resilience tools that kids can use their entire lives.

Little Yogis Fonder, Michelle Faber, has developed school and daycare programs for youth to further promote deep breathing and calming techniques that help them cope, develop, and grow in a positive setting. During these sessions, instructors use fun scenarios to get the kids moving and breathing, and change the names of the poses to ones more accessible to kids.

The Little Yogis program combines mindfulness, breath awareness, movement and exercises that build flexibility and balance with curriculum connections, both formal and informal, to give your children a full, immersive experience. All students will develop tools for relaxation and peacefulness all while having fun, laughing, moving their bodies, building friendships and learning to connect with themselves and the world around them in a deep, meaningful way.

Little Yogis also incorporate flashcards to openly discuss feelings to help children develop emotional awareness and empathetic life skills. Parents have expressed how happy they are with the changes in their kids’ approach to stress, and noted an overall improvement in mood and behaviour. They’re also impressed with the increased focus and attention span, leading to improved academic performance and better grades in school.

Little Yogis class are fun, and active, and will have you breathing, stretching and bonding with your child. The class seamlessly weaves together mindfulness, breathwork and yoga that is age appropriate for both parents and child. At the end of the class enjoy a snuggle calming meditation that will leave you both calm and happy.

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