Oak Learners Classroom Pets

Chickens, ducks and monarch butterflies!

Our Classroom Pets

Oak Leaners believes that exposing the children to the concept of life is a precious thing. Each year, we focus on involving the children in the circle of life. We will either get duck or chicken eggs donated by Rent the Chicken and hatch them. Once the eggs have hatched, we keep the chicks and ducklings for a few weeks, and then the company takes them back to live on the farm!

The Monarch Butterflies are a beautiful opportunity for the kids to learn to be gentle, and watch the life cycle of a butterfly as well. We hatch monarch butterflies and set them free outside. This hatching would go hand in hand with our Learning Garden, as the butterflies would have a nourishing environment. 

How Can You Help?

Oak Learners takes donations via our PayPal link. You can follow our Instagram @oaklearners or simply ask how to help!

Our Past Pets!

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