Exploring Diwali

Exploring Diwali at Oak Learners.

Supporting Your Child’s Growth is A Joint Effort

Finding a great preschool or kindergarten readiness program is half the battle. Your child will still need support at home to continue their development.

3 Ways Preschool Class Benefits Kids

A good pre-kindergarten program offers important skills development such as social interaction, school readiness, and improved executive function. Let’s look at them further:

Our Middle School Students Want YOU to Choose Our Next Class Pet

Help our middle school students choose a class pet! For the month of September, our Middle School...

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A Natural Way to Learn

A Natural Way to Learn

On a beautiful spring afternoon in mid-May, we noticed that our local park was blanketing in gorgeous yellow dandelions. The fields of green and yellow seemed to stretch forever, providing us an opportunity to reflect on the absolute beauty of the natural world around us.

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The Healing Power of Music: How Learning an Instrument Can Improve Mental Health

The Healing Power of Music: How Learning an Instrument Can Improve Mental Health

Music has been used as a form of expression for centuries. It is a powerful tool that can convey emotions and feelings in both a verbal and non-verbal setting. Learning to play an instrument allows individuals to express themselves in a limitless creative way, providing a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. This is especially important for children and teenagers who may struggle expressing themselves or have many stressors and anxiety in their life.

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