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Welcome to the Forest School in the City

Oak Learners endeavours every day to inspire learning through an authentic skill-based curriculum. Our teachers nurture children’s natural curiosity about their world with student-centered experiences. At Oak Learners, we believe every child can be successful when they belong to a truly supportive educational community.

oak outside - the forest school in the city

Outdoor Education plays a key role in skill development!

Playing and exploring outdoors are experiences that most adults today grew up with.

Yet, in the past few decades, the amount of time that children spend outdoors and the ways they experience their neighbourhoods, have changed drastically. Much of the recreational time of today’s children is spent on indoor pursuits, even among children who live in rural areas.

Many research studies over the past decade links children’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health with time spent outdoors, experiencing nature. For example, students have been shown to have increased focus, confidence, self-esteem and overall feelings of happiness and satisfaction with school.

Even something as simple as looking at a tree can have surprisingly calming effects! In addition, directly observing plants and animals help children develop an understanding of “systems”, that is, the relationships and processes in nature, while building their connections to community. Not only that but learning outside is fun! Students are excited and enthusiastic to try new activities and discover new things. This type of experiential, “hands-on” learning often reaches students who don’t thrive in a typical classroom setting.



Environmental Stewardship

Understanding the responsibility of caring for our local environment.

Navigation and Mapping

Developing skills to navigate the local community and trails.

Observation and Inquiry

Scientific investigation and STEAM integration sparked by natural observation and inquiry.

Sense of “Place” and Belonging,

Building an understanding our place and role in our community.

Local Culture and Heritage

Developing an appreciation for local culture, tradition and heritage.

Oak Outside Programming

Environmental Exploration, STEAM, Leadership and more!

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Supporting the Trans Canada Trail Care Day 2024

Supporting the Trans Canada Trail Care Day 2024

On Saturday, June 1, Oak Learners joined the Trans Canada Trail Team and the Waterfront Trail team for Trail Care Day 2024! Oak Learners was excited to provide activities for families, including a self-guided scavenger hunt on the Trail.

The Best Spring Outdoor Clothing for Kids

The Best Spring Outdoor Clothing for Kids

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and explore what nature has to offer, from hunting for worms to jumping in puddles. Here are a few suggestions when shopping for spring outdoor gear to ensure your child stays warm, dry, and loving the new life all around this spring.

The Best Winter Clothing for Kids, from Head to Toe!

The Best Winter Clothing for Kids, from Head to Toe!

This winter we have a lot to look forward to! From exploring snow hills to ice crystals to making igloos and snow angels. Help your little learners stay warm and dry this winter so they can continue learning and having fun in comfort. Outside exploration has been proven to lead to a plethora of benefits that helps your child develop crucial skills. At Oak Learners, our students are outside for extended periods of time in all winter weather: snow, rain or shine. Regardless of the forecast, we will continue encouraging our students to explore the natural world around them while pushing boundaries and taking risks.

Benefits of Risky Play and Outdoor Education

Benefits of Risky Play and Outdoor Education

Risky play can sound intimidating and many parents feel the same way. In fact, these concerns are natural, but they also often limit our ability to allow children to fully explore their surroundings and be exposed to new opportunities. Although risky play can sound dangerous and sometimes scary, it is important to remember that it is an essential part of development in several domains.

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