Program Description

Intended for children aged 3-4 years who will be starting Kindergarten in September 2024. For the 2023-2024 school year, the Kindergarten Readiness program is being offered as a French Immersion program, designed to set learners up for success as they begin their educational journey.

This 2.5 hour program lays a strong foundation for a positive educational experience and a smooth transition to Kindergarten, fostering classroom skills and independence skills. Experienced educators spend time exploring literacy, numeracy, science, French language skills and so much more with children through a natural and inquiry-based program.

Kindergarten Readiness is available Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 9:30am through 12:00pm.

Program Fees

Fall Session 2023: September 19, 2023 through  December 21, 2023 (14 weeks)

2-Days (Tuesday and Thursday) $1120

Winter Session 2024: January 9, 2024 through March 28, 2024 (12 weeks)

2-Days (Tuesday and Thursday) $960

Spring Session 2024: April 2, 2024 through June 20, 2024 (12 weeks)

2-Days (Tuesday and Thursday) $960


Program Skill Development

This program includes exploring skills within:

  • French Language: vocabulary, oral communication through songs, games and storytelling
  • Literacy: phonics, writing skills through fine motor development, literature appreciation through storytelling
  • Early math concepts, including numeracy and patterning.
  • Self-Expression and Creativity through the arts
  • Building independence, self-awareness and confidence through daily routines and community-based programming.
  • Cooperation and communication skills with peers
  • Cognitive Skills – Memory games, science experiments, sequencing, books, musical instruments, songs and games, visit police and fire stations, fingerplays.
  • Gross Motor Skills – Safe area for running, jumping, climbing, swinging, sliding, riding bikes, proper use of balls and bean bags, songs and games.


Small Classes

Only 6 students maximum, allowing for personalized and enriched learning opportunities.

Community Education

Our school is situated in the heart of the Mimico Village community and students learn daily what it means to be a contributing member of a school and city community. 

Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning experiences encourage children to question and learn about the world around them.

Arts-Enriched Curriculum

Enhanced learning through the Arts, including daily dance, music, movement, art and creative expression.

Personalized Learning

Personalized instruction to meet all learners where they are at, enriching their strengths and building foundations for learning.


Integrated learning through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Oak Learners regularly reviews and implements precautions and enhancements to our programming to protect the health and safety of our students and our staff, as per the guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Toronto Public Health. Read more.

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