Kindergarten Readiness

Intended for children aged 3-4 years who will be starting Kindergarten. This program lays a strong foundation for a positive educational experience and a smooth transition to Kindergarten, fostering classroom skills and independence skills. Experienced educators spend time exploring literacy, numeracy, science and so much more with children through a natural and inquiry-based program.

This program includes exploring skills within:

  • Literacy: phonics, writing skills through fine motor development, literature appreciation through storytelling
  • Early math concepts, including numeracy and patterning
  • Self-Expression and Creativity
  • Building independence, self-awareness and confidence
  • Cooperation and communication skills with peers
  • Cognitive Skills ā€“ Memory games, science experiments, sequencing, books, musical instruments, songs and games, visit police and fire stations, fingerplays.
  • Gross Motor Skills ā€“ Safe area for running, jumping, climbing, swinging, sliding, riding bikes, proper use of balls and bean bags, songs and games.

Current Kindergarten Readiness class options:

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