The Importance of Teaching Kids Mental Monologues

Written by: Kelly Letros – Behaviour Therapist During spring break, I was enthused to spend my week with children who had registered for a week-long camp program. Daily, they were running to and fro through the corridors of the centre, from one pre-planned activity to another. It was delightful to hear them squealing and giggling Read more about The Importance of Teaching Kids Mental Monologues[…]

Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day

We live in a changing world, where it is becoming ever-important to take steps towards conserving the Earth’s resources for generations to come. At our school, environmental awareness has always been a priority for both staff and students alike. Through participation in global events such as Earth Hour and Earth Day, we raise the awareness Read more about Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day[…]

Mindfulness Tips to Start Your Day

Whether you are the type of person who wakes up ready to take on the world, or the type of person who needs time and space to prepare for the day, adding a few moments of mindfulness practice to your morning routine can make all the difference to your mindset for the day. The following Read more about Mindfulness Tips to Start Your Day[…]

Nutritious Meals for Busy Families

Life is hectic! Meal planning, shopping, cooking and even finding time to eat together can be challenging.  We worry or feel guilty if we don’t provide all the food groups, or if our children won’t eat them, never have time to read the food labels when shopping (although we wish we did), and would love Read more about Nutritious Meals for Busy Families[…]