Summer Camp Benefits - How to Choose a Camp


If you’re considering Summer Camp for your children, you may have many questions in the back of your mind:

  • Will my kids have the full camp experience with activities, social learning, and most importantly, be safe and have fun?
  • Are my children ready to enter the camp? Will their personality fit in?
  • Which camp programs will best suit my children?


Although I’m sure there are many other questions that arise, they’re all valid. In this article, we will explain why summer camps can benefit your children in the short, and long-term, why and how to choose a summer camp, and what to expect for your children.



1. Summer Camp Develops Life-Long Skills 

Kids that are more active with learning, exploring nature, and having memories at camps tend to develop lifelong skills that can be carried over into many aspects of their life. Skills some parents notice their kids growing on include:


  • Independence: When your children spend time away from you, they grow as an individual. Having a good balance of parent-children time, and independence as a child can foster growth including self-identity, exploration, communication and collaboration, and so much more.
  • Self-esteem: At camp, there are many activities that build your self-esteem. Arts and crafts, playing games, and building close connections with your fellow campers, there are many opportunities where children build their self-esteem through their hard work and celebrated achievements.
  • Promoting healthy living: Exploring the outdoors, enjoying nature walks, skipping, jumping, and running are all forms of activities that promote healthy living and give children every opportunity to express themselves in a healthy living way.
  • Pushing the comfort zone: Campers will run into many activities, games, and explorations that they’ve never done before. Pushing this zone of comfort and stimulating their curiosity is a great chance for your child to learn and grow.



2. Summer Camp Provides Screen-Free Time

We all know how prevalent screen time is in today’s age. Every child and their friends have iPads to watch the latest videos, play video games, and stare at the screen for hours on end.


Taking some time away from the devices and getting their daily activity in is key in getting their blood flowing, a healthy dose of vitamin D, and enjoying the fresh air. Some great experiences campers also get are:


  • Communicating with other campers and enjoying face-to-face social experiences
  • Enjoying food outside alongside other campers and counsellours
  • Stimulating all of their senses, including smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing
  • Being engaged in learnings creatively and intellectually



3. Summer Camp Encourages Outdoor Play and Connecting with Nature

One thing many children don’t get to experience as often if they aren’t a part of camp programs is connecting with nature, having nature walks, and exploring many things that are all around us.


Children get to see and talk about what they’re experiencing together, get their daily walking activities in, see the beautiful outdoors, and explore mindfulness with all of their senses, hearing the rivers flow, the trees whistle, and every step they take on their nature walks.


Studies have shown many benefits to nature walks, and the impact they can have on children. Here are some interesting facts to note:


  • 5-10% of Canadians are affected by ADHD, and only 20 minutes of nature walking give a boost of concentration in children with ADHD”
  • “A daily walk in nature can be as effective in treating mild cases of depression as taking an antidepressant”
  • 82% of teenagers are not active enough, and only 7% of children meet Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines”
  • 2/3 Canadians are Vitamin D deficient
  • “An increasing body of evidence suggests that one of the best ways to improve your mental well-being is by simply spending more time outdoors





Choosing the right summer camp can be a difficult process. Luckily, Oak Learners currently has summer camps running until August 22nd!


Oak Learners offers a unique summer camp experience designed to engage naturally inquisitive and active children. 

MindfulnessIn addition to participating in guided yoga and meditation exercises, campers will participate in specially designed self-awareness activities, giving each camper time to be introspective, ask questions, relax and be creative.
STEAMThrough Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math activities, campers will have the opportunity to develop their social skills, confidence, and cognitive flexibility.
CommunityCampers will spend as much time outdoors as possible, enjoying local field trips that are designed to encourage them to explore their natural surroundings and develop an understanding of their own roles in nature and in our surrounding community.



What to expect at Oak Learners Eco Adventures Camp:

At our Eco Adventures Camp, campers will spend the ENTIRE DAY OUTSIDE exploring the local area and the beauty within it. They will experience learning in a different way, play outside and find out about the local community.

Campers will take trips to places such as the Humber River, Mimico Creek Trail, Humber Bay Shores, and Mimico Waterfront. Campers will be fully outside and be regularly ‘on the move’.

Activities may include:

  • Animal explorations
  • Hiking
  • Survival skills
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Nature trails
  • Sketching sceneries
  • Team games and team-building activities

Campers will also have the opportunity to visit local splash pads and wading pools and you will be notified of “water days” to help pack accordingly. With this being a fully outdoors camp, campers are strongly encouraged to pack lightly with everything they need for the whole day. If you’re interested in seeing what Oak Learners Summer Camp is like, see more here!

If you’re interested, Oak Learners also has great day school and tutoring options. You can check out the day school where students learn all kinds of skills and build on them with personalized study habits. If you want personalized one-on-one tutoring online or in-person sessions as well, Oak Learners offers private tutoring here! Good luck with studying!



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Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is the Founder and Director of Oak Learners. She is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages and abilities reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly’s philosophy of education is based in the understanding that every child has the capacity to excel and succeed when they are given the tools and taught the skills to help them on their journey.
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