Oak Learners had another amazing summer! Our Eco Adventures Camp focused on themed activities, and most importantly, the entire day spent outside!  The children have a ratio of 6:1 with their counselors, for a more hands-on experience. We focus on team building, exploration and what our local community has to offer!

Our key activities this summer, and some of the major highlights for our campers were day’s spent running around the fields in the bright sun, skipping rocks on Lake Ontario, and climbing on the playgrounds by the water! The Oak Learners Eco Adventure Camp is a place where children can learn more about the beautiful world we live in, develop an appreciation for other living things and make not only summer long, but lifelong friendships.

Week 1 Celebrating Canada

The first week at the Eco Adventure’s camp focused on a Celebrating Canada and all it has to offer. This included exploring the bodies of water in the vicinity of our campuses. The Humber River provided an ecosystem of fresh water creatures, along with land animals using the river as their source of water. The kids saw people kayaking down the river, ducks swimming along the shore, and even saw two blue jays. The perfect way to celebrate Canada by spending the whole day appreciating its unique environments!


Week 2 Amazing Animals

The second week was Amazing Animals, and with our city being near large masses of water, there were a lot of options for where to explore. We went to High Park, and not only saw an abundance of adorable dogs being walked, but saw many different species of birds, and nests they had made! We gave the kids a chance to use our professional camera to capture some of the nature they saw, and take photos of their camp friends!

Week 3 Space Sciences

Our third week was Space Sciences! We expanded from the boundaries of Earth and taught the kids about the different planets in the Eco-System. Our counselors guided the children with an art project. We assigned planets, and gave the children a color scheme for each planet in the solar system. We then added our stars, and used rocks and glitter to mimic the milky ways. It was a beautiful, educational project, that was done lake front, where we could see the moon still setting from the night before!

Week 4 Let the Games Begin

Our fourth week was Let the Games Begin, in honor of the Commonwealth Games. Our counselors taught the kids different sports and their rules each day. It was a week of great sleep for those kids, after running around, playing all day! They also taught the kids facts about each country that was famous for the sport. For example, we had an England themed day, where the kids were taught football (soccer)!

Week 5 Nature and Experiments

Our fifth week was focused on Nature and Experiments. We encouraged the kids to use scraps they found on the ground, and not destroy any plants or trees. With scrap leaves and twigs, we created a Canadian flag from fallen maple leaves. It was a great week, growing an appreciation for our community, and learning how to use what is has to offer in a safe and respectful way.

Week 6 Love Our City

Our sixth week was Love Our City, and in honor of our great skyline, the counselors brought supplies out, and from the view at the Lakeshore of the CN Tower, the kids designed the CN Tower our of pipe cleaners. A fun activity and a beautiful view!

Week 7 Bugs and Butterflies

The Bugs and Butterflies week brought out the goofy designs! We had kids walking around in pipe cleaner antennas and looking amazing while doing so! It also helped that the flowers attracted some beautiful butterflies for the kids to look at. We even had one land on one of our camper’s shoulders! A memory they all will have forever. Here is an example of some of the great art the kids created!

Week 8 We Are the Future

Finally, in our last week, we wanted to let the kids know how important they are, with a We Are the Future theme. The kids started off the week by writing their future selves a note! This is a time capsule style project, where the kids wrote a note about their feelings at their age, what they want to be when they grow up, and even drew how they look. These notes were given to their parents, to give to their kids in a few years’ time, and see how many of their goals were met!

Eco Adventures Camp focuses on expanding horizons, and encouraging them to try new things in a safe and happy environment. Being unplugged and involved in the outdoors allowed for the kids to learn in a hands-on manner. Oak Learners, no matter the circumstance, focuses on the children being in charge of their well-being and their actions, and teaching them that they are their own person. We can’t wait for the school year start, and for another exciting summer to come in 2023! We thank every family that participated in our camp this summer, and we hope to see you again next year, because your kids truly made a difference in our Oak community.

Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is the Founder and Director of Oak Learners. She is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages and abilities reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly’s philosophy of education is based in the understanding that every child has the capacity to excel and succeed when they are given the tools and taught the skills to help them on their journey.
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