Our Story

Since our inception as a not-for-profit corporation in the Spring of 2017, we have pursued our vision to be a positive influence on the education and well-being of children, youth, their families, and our community.

Our mission is to inspire creativity, foster technique and encourage confidence. We aim to nurture growth by developing individuality and confidence.

It takes a village! We encourage involvement among our community, working with families to develop programming that is innovative and inclusive and supports the lifelong journey of learning through exploration in the arts, education and mindfulness practice.

With this mission at the heart of our centre, Oak Learners offers an alternative learning atmosphere, working with your child’s unique learning style to inspire their strengths and interests. We offer a wide range of programming designed with creative and inquisitive learners in mind, supporting growth “wholistically” (taking into consideration the whole body, person, or unit, the mind, body and spirit, emphasizing the importance of the whole as well as the interdependence of its parts).

Oak Learners is for ALL Learners

Howard Gardner coined the term Multiple Intelligences first in 1983 to describe the evident fact that there are many different ways that people learn. Some people learn from listening, some from watching and others from doing. People also have different ways to express what they have learned: verbally, kinesthetically, artistically, etc.

As parents and educators, it is imperative that we recognize these unique learning styles in our children and allow them opportunities to engage in their learning through equally unique modes.

At Oak Learners, we LOVE that everyone learns differently and this means we get to TEACH differently!

Oak Learners in the News

Oak Learners has been an active member of the community since our inception. Learn more about community and small business initiatives that have helped make Oak Learners successful. 

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