benefits of meditation

The world is an unfamiliar place right now causing stress and anxiety to rise in everyone, including our children. Finding time and ways to reduce these is imperative to our children mental health. Meditation has many benefits to improve overall health and well-being.

Proven benefits of meditation are:

  • help improve brain function, allowing our brains to be open to new learning opportunities.
  • improve sleep
  • reduce stress
  • increase your attention span (needed for online learning)
  • help you appreciate life more
  • improve immunity

Meditation does not have to be long or complicated, it only takes a few minutes a day. You can their use an app such as Serenity or create your own. When creating your own you can personalize the setting and take the children on a calming adventure through a guided meditation. The guided meditation can be different every time, talk to the child(ren) and find out where their calm happy place is and guide them there. Remind them to take slow deep breaths, in through their nose and out through their mouth during the guided meditation. Talk in a calm, soothing, and quiet tone. Make sure the adventure is a peaceful one, the goal is to slow the mind and not increase the heart rate.

Here is a example of a guided meditation:

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