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Music has been used as a form of expression for centuries. It is a powerful tool that can convey emotions and feelings in both a verbal and non-verbal setting. Learning to play an instrument allows individuals to express themselves in a limitless creative way, providing a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. This is especially important for children and teenagers who may struggle expressing themselves or have many stressors and anxiety in their life. In more recent times we have seen the impact music has had to help keep people connected and united during the Covid lockdowns. Whether it is listening to soothing music or upbeat songs to boost mood and motivation, people have turned to music as a form of therapy to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.


Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument can have a significant impact on mental health. Playing an instrument requires focus, discipline, and perseverance, all of which are important life skills. It can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by promoting relaxation and improving mood. In fact, a study by the National Institutes of Health found that playing music can activate the same reward centers in the brain as food, partaking in your favorite activities, providing a rewarding feeling of accomplishment and confidence.

Music - Oak Learners


Learning an instrument can also improve cognitive function, memory, and creativity. It requires the brain to process and interpret multiple pieces of information at once, such as reading music, controlling the instrument, and listening to the sound. This can lead to increased brain connectivity and improved neural processing, which can translate to improved academic performance and problem-solving skills.

At Oak Learners, we offer private music lessons for a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, and drums. Our experienced teachers work with students of all ages and skill levels, providing individualized instruction that is tailored to each student’s needs and interests. We believe that music education should be accessible to everyone and offer financial assistance to families who need it.

Our music program not only teaches students how to play an instrument but also provides them with a sense of community and belonging. It allows them to connect with others who share their passion for music and provides a creative outlet for self-expression. We have seen firsthand the positive impact that music can have on our students’ mental health and well-being, and we are proud to offer this program as part of our holistic approach to education.

In conclusion, the healing power of music is undeniable, and learning an instrument can have significant benefits for mental health, especially for children and teenagers. At Oak Learners, we recognize the importance of music education and offer private music lessons as part of our holistic approach to education. We believe that every student deserves access to music education and are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment where students can thrive. 

Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is the Founder and Director of Oak Learners. She is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages and abilities reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly’s philosophy of education is based in the understanding that every child has the capacity to excel and succeed when they are given the tools and taught the skills to help them on their journey.
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