The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, including our kids. Routines have been turned upside down and children have lost many of the activities that provided structure and meaning in their daily lives, including extracurriculars, social interaction, and physical activity. It remains critical for us to continue supporting the development of children, especially social integration skills and emotional regulation, and we have found that nature is the best clinical setting!

At Larchwood Nature OT we are developing courage, confidence, coordination and deep care for our precious environment in all of our clients. Nature offers many opportunities for supporting development of the mind, muscles, senses, and emotions.

We have seized a unique opportunity to transform kids from 3 to 12 years of age and of all abilities. Research shows that for children, exposure to nature:

  • reduces stress;
  • builds resilience;
  • supports cognitive functioning; and
  • promotes emotional well-being.

Group settings promote peer modelling, cooperation, social skill building, diversity, and the development of empathy and self-esteem. We also offer private Nature OT, therapeutic summer day camps and other specialty groups including Handwriting in Nature.

All sessions take place outdoors, in unstructured natural spaces, in all types of weather. This gives us the opportunity to develop resilience, strengthen problem solving skills and experience a new environment. It has also proven to be a helpful, safe approach in a pandemic!


Larchwood OT also provides private nature OT sessions. For more information visit: www.davisoccupationaltherapy.com/privatenatureot


For their great parent resources check out their guidebooks here: https://www.davisoccupationaltherapy.com/parentresources


To register for their programs you can fill out this form: https://www.davisoccupationaltherapy.com/registration

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