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The Importance of Teaching Kids Mental Monologues

Written by: Kelly Letros – Behaviour Therapist During spring break, I was enthused to spend my week with children who had registered for a week-long camp program. Daily, they were running to and fro through the corridors of the centre, from one pre-planned activity to another. It was delightful to Read more about The Importance of Teaching Kids Mental Monologues[…]

Learning Styles and Student Differentiation

Unique Learning Styles Howard Gardner coined the term Multiple Intelligences first in 1983 to describe the evident fact that there are many different ways that people learn. Some people learn from listening, some from watching and others from doing. People also have different ways to express what they have learned: Read more about Learning Styles and Student Differentiation[…]

Ease back into Back-to-School: Mindfulness Workshops to ease the mind

Anxiety is one of the fastest growing concerns among school-aged children and youth in the school system these days. Many teachers and parents agree that children are under increasing pressure to perform in the classroom to keep up with standardized curriculum, all while having their time spent outside or in Read more about Ease back into Back-to-School: Mindfulness Workshops to ease the mind[…]

Bridge the Gap at Oak Learners

At Oak Learners we understand that every child learns differently and we love that! Each of the founding partners at Oak Learners have experienced the trials of parenting a child who needs something “more” than what is traditionally offered by both public and private educational institutions. We have strived to Read more about Bridge the Gap at Oak Learners[…]

Holiday Concert & Social, December 11 2016

On Sunday, December 11, 2016, Oak Learners was thrilled to welcome our friends and families together to celebrate the musical accomplishments of our students. We gathered at Placebo Place, a local lounge and live-music venue to listen to selections prepared by our talented students. Thank you to everyone who came Read more about Holiday Concert & Social, December 11 2016[…]

Acorn & Oak Yoga Workshops

Acorn & Oak Family Yoga A unique family Yoga experience providing nurturing techniques designed to empower bonds and create wellness in all aspects of family life. Our small group classes facilitate individualized instruction and personal attention. This is a perfect introductory workshop for a family looking for an introduction to yoga or for those Read more about Acorn & Oak Yoga Workshops[…]

Open House – Saturday September 10

Stop by Oak Learners on Saturday, September 10th between 10am and Noon for a chance to see our newly updated facility and meet our amazing staff! The 2016-2017 year is off to a fantastic start, and we want to share all the wonderful programs and opportunities that Oak Learners is Read more about Open House – Saturday September 10[…]