Last week our “Fun with Fitness” class emphasized the importance of healthy living. Our virtual lesson highlighted that healthy foods are fundamental to a healthy lifestyle and we need to be aware of the five special food groups in order to grow big and strong and get all of our nutrients.

Using our special food pyramid below, courtesy of https://happylearning.tv/en/ , we were able to discuss sweets, identify dairy foods, grains, protein rich foods and sort between different fruits and vegetables through various activities.

THE FOOD PYRAMID | Educational Video for Kids. - YouTube

Happy Learning TV is a great educational resource with videos and games to complement youth education. See below for some of the fun learning activities we’ve created and completed this week.

Sorting activities are a great way for students to differentiate between items based on their differences and similarities. It’s as easy as creating a table with different categories to sort between. We chose fruits and veggies!

Virtual bingo activities keep our students engaged and give them the opportunity to learn while having fun. We used our own personalized dice generator to make a food related dice option. See https://rollthedice.online to create your own personalized dice! You can find several bingo sheets online or create your own at https://bingobaker.com. 

Happy learning everyone!

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