Learning Styles and Student Differentiation

Unique Learning Styles Howard Gardner coined the term Multiple Intelligences first in 1983 to describe the evident fact that there are many different ways that people learn. Some people learn from listening, some from watching and others from doing. People also have different ways to express what they have learned: verbally, kinaesthetically, artistically, etc. As Read more about Learning Styles and Student Differentiation[…]

Mindfulness through Artistic Expression – NEW at Oak Learners!

Oak Learners Mindfulness programs are inclusive of the whole person, mind, body and spirit, promoting a calm, focused, alert, aware and creative state of mind contributing directly to the development of cognitive, performance and executive functioning skills. Think outside the colouring books! Mindfulness art activities have been growing in popularity recently, but the therapeutic benefits Read more about Mindfulness through Artistic Expression – NEW at Oak Learners![…]