Science Virtual Field Trips: Understanding the World Around Us

Science offers such a wide range of topics to learn about that there is definitely something for everyone! In our virtual science classes at Oak Learners we have been exploring many areas of science such as learning about animals, outer space, the weather, and even doing some science experiments with materials from home! The science field trips below will help students continue to discover new things about the world and think about questions and curiosities that they want to explore even further. 

Ontario Science Centre 

The Ontario Science Centre is a popular field trip destination for students of all ages, and even though the centre is closed right now they have many educational resources and live stream events available online here. There are videos with fun hands-on activities to do at home, live streams of science educators from the centre, curriculum resources for teachers, and even virtual screenings of the popular IMAX films that are usually shown at the centre. The curriculum resources feature a lot of interactive videos for high-school students, as well as a link to Science North which has interactive lessons for K-8. 

Trip to Outer Space: NASA and Mars 

Outer space is an extremely interesting topic that can spark curiosity for students of all ages! The NASA Langley Research Centre in Virginia has a comprehensive virtual tour where students can view a flight simulator, learn about research labs, and more. Older students will love learning about the details of space science and research, and students of all ages will find the space flight simulator fascinating. This trip can also be paired with Google’s 360 Virtual Trip to Mars, where students can learn about rovers on Mars and explore different areas of the planet. These trips would be an amazing add-on to learning about space, and this Netflix Jr. song about space provides a great introduction to the planets for elementary students. 

Cherry Blossoms in High Park 

This virtual field trip to High Park will allow students to be immersed in nature in a local area that may be familiar to them. The narrated video of beautiful wildlife provides opportunities for students to extend their learning about plants, animals, conservation, and sustainability. Additionally, the experience may spark creativity for numerous art projects such as sketching wildlife or doing a cherry blossom craft like the one featured on our blog here. This field trip could also provide an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to learn about Indigenous history and culture in relation to our national environment — here is a list of Indigenous Environmental Education resources as a starting point.

All About Vehicles 

There are many virtual reality videos available of different exciting methods of transportation. For example, students could go on a virtual hot air balloon ride, go skydiving on their computer, or ride a helicopter over Mount Everest. Learning can be extended by diving into how these vehicles work, or by again connecting to the natural environment as students observe the nature around them from up in the sky. This virtual experience could also prompt further discussions about sustainable methods of transportation around the world.

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Julia Hess

Julia is currently studying in the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University with a major in Psychology. She loves working with kids and people with disabilities and spends time volunteering and working in many community settings. She loves getting to know everyone she works with while supporting them in working towards their goals, and she hopes to work as an Elementary Special Education teacher in the future.
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