How to Make a Sensory Bin at Home!

A sensory bin is a great hands-on activity to do at home that is fun, educational, and allows you to get a little messy! Watch the video below from Oak Learners teacher Emma or follow the instructions below to create your own sensory bin using flour and water.


Sensory Bin Materials: 

  • A large bin 
  • Flour 
  • Water 
  • Things to put in your bin (toys, measuring cups, spoons, cookie cutters)


  1. Pour some flour into your bin. There is no set amount so this can depend on how much flour you have at home or how big your bin or container is. If you’d like, you can use measuring cups to keep track of how much flour you are using and to practice your fractions. 
  2. Explore what the flour feels like and use some of your toys with the flour. Does it feel soft? Sticky? Can you draw your name in the flour? 
  3. Add some water to your bin and mix it with the flour. Again, there is no set amount and you can use measuring cups to measure how much you are adding. 
  4. Explore what the flour and water mixture feels like. You can also try adding even more flour or even more water and see how it changes the consistency of the dough. 
  5. Have fun playing with your sensory bin! 

Fun Activities to Try with your Sensory Bin 

  • Play treasure hunt! Have an adult hide a few small toys within your sensory dough. See if you can find all the objects! Students can also hide objects for siblings or adults to find. 
  • Make a sensory dough “sand castle” for your toys! 
  • Play pretend and make some food! You could make pancakes, cookies, or anything you’d like! 
  • Try to make animals with your dough! Can you make a snake? What about a fish? 
  • Try and draw or make shapes with your sensory dough. Try to make a circle, a square, and a triangle. 

If you don’t have a lot of flour, you can also make a water sensory bin and have fun pouring the water using cups, sending the water through a funnel, or using a spray bottle to spray the water. 

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Julia Hess

Julia is currently studying in the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University with a major in Psychology. She loves working with kids and people with disabilities and spends time volunteering and working in many community settings. She loves getting to know everyone she works with while supporting them in working towards their goals, and she hopes to work as an Elementary Special Education teacher in the future.
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