4 Reasons Why You Should Do Personalized Tutoring – Growing your Skills with Oak Learners

Tutoring is a great next step to further develop certain skills, areas of weakness, or getting ahead. Parents thinking about what type of tutoring to put their children in might find it difficult, with varying options across the internet and in schools. Today we are going to talk about tutoring and the benefits of personalized one on one tutoring, and how it can greatly improve learning experiences in students. 

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1 . Teaching More Than A Lesson Plan

In a typical classroom, one lesson plan is taught to every student in the class and they are expected to understand and learn based solely on one method. As for private tutoring, you can expect to find tutors working with the student to focus on problems they have. This includes getting further clarification on issues throughout the session and a tailored learning experience adjusted to your child’s needs.

2 . Improves confidence and self-esteem

Once learning gets difficult, students often give up and lose confidence with no additional help. With a private tutor, the student can begin experiencing better outcomes when starting to grasp ideas they never did before. Then, motivation can grow inside them, encouraging them to branch out and learn more. 

3 . Specific Pace Learning

One of the greatest benefits of having a private tutor is that they will work at the pace that the student needs. Whether the student needs extra time on certain areas, or they understand a subject fully, the private tutor can adapt to their timeline. There is no time constraint on each subject (e.g. only 50 minutes per class, taught in a fast paced manner) and therefore alleviating stress on those that need to understand it a little slower.

4 . Private Tutoring is Flexible & Convenient 

Private tutoring can work around the busy schedule of parents’ daily lives. This can also be useful when booking multiple sessions for your child, for example, when preparing for midterms or tests, then increasing or decreasing sessions as you see fit.

Private personalized tutoring can be beneficial to your child’s understanding of material and get them ahead with tailored personal tutoring sessions. At Oak Learners, we offer personal one on one tutoring sessions with certified Ontario teachers that specialize in Math, French, English, and Science!


If you’d like more details, or to book a session (online or in person at our Etobicoke location) please visit www.oaklearners.ca/tutoring

Joshua Bulatovich

Joshua is a digital marketer and content writer with Oak Learners. He specializes in outlining the importance of student success and shares tips, tricks, or other useful information on everything school related.
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