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Science is an exciting subject for students of all ages, as kids get to learn about the world around us in a way that is applicable to them. The science resources below all feature exciting ways for students to explore science topics within the curriculum and beyond. Learning about interesting topics in science is also a great way to encourage students to practice reading and writing at the same time. In addition, these activities will likely spark curiosity and development of important skills such as problem-solving and inquiry. Have fun exploring these virtual resources! 

Science Kids

This website has lots of exciting science material, and is the source for our popular science facts of the day in our Oak Online science classes! From outer space to under the sea animals, students can engage with a variety of activities independently or with adult support. There are instructions for hands-on science experiments, science fair project ideas, links to science games and videos, and even lesson plans and resources for teachers. 

National Geographic Kids 

This National Geographic website, made specifically for kids, has many informative videos and interactive activities for young scientists! There is an entire section dedicated to animals with fun facts about all of the creatures you can think of (even prehistoric animals!). There are also games and quizzes that will spark students’ curiosity and help them practice interdisciplinary skills in a fun way. The Funny-Fill In game is very popular with our Oak Online students, and is essentially a digital library of silly science-related mad libs (great for reading and writing practice)! 

Kids Science Challenge

This website has interactive virtual experiments, science videos, and even a section dedicated to information about science careers! There is also a super fun virtual science scavenger hunt that will encourage students to find symbols all around the website in order to learn new things and complete a quiz. 


For older elementary and high school students, EdHeads has a variety of interactive science games that are geared towards students from grades 5-12+. Students can follow along in exciting simulations such as shadowing a technician while they fix machines or following two scientists as they create a company for a new nanoparticle. There are a variety of free games available, as well as a more extensive selection when you sign up for a membership. The great thing about these games is that they demonstrate how science is valuable and applicable in the real world, which may inspire students to get more involved in science in the future!

Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute 

The National Zoo website has a variety of engaging resources, including an extremely thorough animal search engine where students can learn about almost any animal of their choosing! The education section of the website has a variety of at-home activities including animal web cams, videos, conservation crafts, and self-guided modules. There are a variety of resources for K-12 students, as well as resources for teachers.

Let’s Talk Science 

This Canadian website has a useful Educational Resources section which offers a large selection of at-home science resources including detailed career profiles, fun hands-on activities, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) videos. The website also has a useful tool where you can search for resources based on provincial curriculum, course, and even specific grade level!

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Julia Hess

Julia is currently studying in the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University with a major in Psychology. She loves working with kids and people with disabilities and spends time volunteering and working in many community settings. She loves getting to know everyone she works with while supporting them in working towards their goals, and she hopes to work as an Elementary Special Education teacher in the future.
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