Learning Music in COVID Times
Music Education is essential and should be available to all individuals. In most of our schools, it is a subject/elective that students could opt for in the higher grades. To most individuals, an ideal environment to learn music or a musical instrument is a classroom or a music studio. However, given the current situation, learning music in a classroom seems to be in the far future.

The past few months have been out of the ordinary, to say the least. We find ourselves in a situation where education has moved to online platforms. Now for some, that might spell the end of learning music. However, this can be avoided since a lot of developments in technology have been made by music schools themselves and other websites/app creators to create an online platform so that individuals can continue their music education. Technology allows the teacher to provide supplementary materials that can help support these students. Some of these methods can take the form of online conferences, instructional videos, and the ability for students to upload performances and receive feedback. Creating videos of one’s performances helps in feedback from the teacher, as well as, closely watching the performance to make improvements in certain areas that might be required.

Here are a few advantages of learning music online that should be considered:

  1. Convenience – You never have to leave your home to…wear a mask! Basic requirements such as a computer, stable internet connection, your musical instrument and you are good to go!
  1. Recorded Classes – Most online classes conducted today, have the option to record parts of the lesson or the entire lesson. This allows students to watch these lessons anytime to improve their skills on their instrument and listen to feedback and tips from their teacher as and when they need it.
  1. Reduced costs – Online lessons cost less as compared to on-site. Travel costs are cut when you do not have to commute to your music class. Although books are essential while learning, a variety of available online resources such as e-books, instructional videos, performances, etc. contribute towards your savings.

To conclude, do not let the pandemic stop you from doing what you love! There are plenty of resources and ways to learn/continue to learn music online. Pick up your instrument and develop your musical knowledge and skills! Happy learning!

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