survival guide for teens

As we all know, adjusting to life in a pandemic can be difficult. For teenagers, this can be especially difficult as summer events were cancelled and many students missed out on exciting milestones. These days, excitement and fun is hard to come by and social distancing doesn’t make it any easier. Teens are feeling depressed, bored and missing time spent with friends. As we ride the second wave of COVID-19, it’s time to get creative and surf the web. Parents need to keep their teens occupied and reduce their anxieties that come with our new normal.

Here are some great ideas for teenagers to make the most of their time at home:

  • Create vision boards or collages of things they are looking forward to post pandemic
  • Start a journal to express themselves and their feelings daily
  • Coordinate Zoom game nights with friends
  • Start a virtual book club or engage in a book exchange
  • Coordinate Netflix Parties with your favourite movies
  • Enroll in a free online class and learn a new skill (ex. Music or painting basics)
  • Discover new recipes online and practice cooking dinner for the family
  • Research upcoming online paint nights
  • Research virtual tours that align with their interests
  • Discover online mindfulness meditation classes

It can be hard to reduce screen time for teenagers so why not turn a negative into a positive and make the most of screen time. There are many ideas floating on the World Wide Web and this is just a starting point of some great methods to make COVID a little more tolerable. Just because we’re spending most of our time indoors doesn’t mean the fun has to end.

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