Ease back into Back-to-School: Mindfulness Workshops to ease the mind

recherche femme dans le 46 Anxiety is one of the fastest growing concerns among school-aged children and youth in the school system these days. Many teachers and parents agree that children are under increasing pressure to perform in the classroom to keep up with standardized curriculum, all while having their time spent outside or in Art-based programming reduced.


http://arbhojpuri.com/download-song/2766/ Oak Learners believes in proactively addressing the issue by providing a nurturing environment for children to access learning at their own pace and integrating mindfulness practice into everything we do. The result is happier, healthier and more functional children and families.


go This year, join us for a whole week of pre-back-to-school workshops designed to ease the mind into the school mindset. Daily Yoga and Mindfulness practice, combined with Creative Arts workshops give children control over their emotions and skills to help with sleep, studying and emotional regulation throughout the school year.

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go to site To register for these Back-To-School classes, please call 416-820-5233 or email info@oaklearners.ca

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site de rencontre puff VIEW Back to School Workshop Schedules PDF

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