As students start heading back to school, whether in person or virtual, you may be looking for some fun ways to encourage math practice! The resources below all have fun and free options for students of all ages to learn and practice their math skills. 

Cool Math 4 Kids 

This website has many interactive and engaging games for students to practice math skills. These virtual games are so fun that students will look forward to learning! There are categories of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions so that students can choose specific skills to work on too. For students who may be used to using manipulatives at school, such as pattern blocks or base ten blocks, this website also has a virtual option that is great for practice at home.


Math Playground 

Math playground has a variety of free math games for students from grades 1-6. On top of many games, they also have a Story Math section and educational math videos so that students can learn in different formats that suit their learning style. 


IXL has learning resources for students from kindergarten all the way to grade 12, and everything is grouped by subject and specific skills so that it is easy to find practice opportunities for whatever topic students are learning about! The math section includes a comprehensive list of curriculum topics, and students can see a timer as well as a score telling them how they are doing on a particular topic. 


Sumdog is very popular with our junior students at Oak Learners! There is an option to make a free account to track your progress with a variety of games and questions, or students can play math games as a guest with no log-in required. Students earn coins for answering questions which is a great incentive to practice, and games are again divided into categories such as multiplication, division, and telling time.Here is the link to play as a guest, or you can create a free parent or teacher account here.

Ideas for Real Life Learning

In addition to using online resources, there are many ways that students can be encouraged to practice math throughout their daily lives! Here are some ideas to integrate math practice into everyday activities: 

  • Play board games! Games that include counting, such as Snakes and Ladders, or dice games like Yahtzee, encourage students to count and even add multiple numbers. A great way to practice counting and adding while having fun! 
  • What time is it? Encourage students to answer this question independently by reading a digital or analogue clock! Reading a digital clock will help with number recognition for younger students and reading an analogue clock is a valuable skill for students to practice as well. 
  • Have a shape scavenger hunt. Purposeful learning can be integrated into fun games such as I-spy by looking for shapes in the world around us! For example, you could shift the rules of I-spy to use the phrase “I spy something shaped like a ______” or you could create a shape scavenger hunt checklist and try to find something shaped like a square, a triangle, a rectangle, and a circle in your home or while outdoors.
  • Baking! While helping with baking or cooking, students can learn important life skills while practicing their math too. Reading fractions from a recipe and even adding fractions (e.g. using a ½ cup measuring cup to get 1.5 cups of flour) is a great way to practice math. Other fun kid-friendly activities that involve measuring include making play-dough (see our recipe here!) or science experiments.
  • Managing Money. If you are buying something (for example ordering food or picking something up from the store), have students help you calculate the total cost of your purchase! This is a great way to connect math skills to real life that will be very useful as students get older. 

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Julia Hess

Julia is currently studying in the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University with a major in Psychology. She loves working with kids and people with disabilities and spends time volunteering and working in many community settings. She loves getting to know everyone she works with while supporting them in working towards their goals, and she hopes to work as an Elementary Special Education teacher in the future.
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