Friday nights for the Oak learners group have been eventful and exciting. From ribbons to slides, their activities have it all, and you’re invited. There is a concert sponsored by Oak learners at Mimico square that features local bands every Friday night from 7:00 to 8:30. Each week dozens of community members come to see the local bands play. The music speaks for itself, regarding why everyone will want to be there in the first place

“This music is so good. I’m going to buy a CD from them later” Said a pedestrian dancing to the bands’ music. The parents in the community use this as a fun excuse to get themselves and their children out of the house to mingle with the other families.

Oak Learners provides fun activities for the children, including ribbons to dance with, sidewalk chalk to be creative with, and shakers to shake. In the background, you can clearly hear the strings of the guitars being struck by a guitar pick to create a very amazingly good sound. The local bands provide good music to set the mood.

The amount of energy the community can bring into 1 event is great! Consider joining us next Friday!

Written by: Khalil, an Oak Learners student.