The book Augie and Me by R.J Palacio is a sequel to the book Wonder. The book Wonder is about a boy named August Pullman, who is in 5th grade. This boy has a severe facial deformity and has been home-schooled for his whole life. He is heading to 5th grade and his mom cannot homeschool him any more because the work is getting harder and harder. During the year, he learns the challenges of meeting new friends and dealing with bullies.


Following in the same style as Wonder, Auggie and Me (the next book in the series) shows 3 different perspectives from 3 different supporting characters in Augie’s life.


The first section is about a boy named Julian. Julian was the main antagonist in Wonder. During the year, he was pretty mean to Augie. For instance, Julian put mean, threatening notes in Augie’s locker and was frequently talking behind his back. During the story, the reader learns how Julian reacted to what he did to August. He learns that his actions do not necessarily define his personality.


The second section is about Augie’s first and best friend, Christopher. In Wonder, Christopher is mentioned a lot but doesn’t make too many appearances. This is because he moved a few years before the book Wonder took place. He lives about a 3 hour drive away from where August lives. This story informs about what is going on in Christopher’s life and his past with August.


The third and last section is about Charlotte, one of August’s friends from school. Charlotte wasn’t a main character in Wonder, yet made many appearances and was one of the people who showed August around his new school. This is the most exciting chapter because Charlotte learns more about herself and others. Charlotte is not popular at all. Some people even think she is a goody two shoes. But, throughout this story, she learns the meaning of friendship and who her real friends are.


Augie and Me was a quick page turner that kept me engaged and left me wanting more! When reading this book I thought about real life experiences that happened to me and related them to the story. This book was very inspiring and is especially good for students who are moving on to new schools. I encourage students or adults who are moving on to new jobs/schools to read Wonder and Augie and Me.

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Kelly Farrell

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