At Summer Camps, sometimes we really do get to live out our childhood dreams and play with our food!!!

Our very own garden was the classroom for this week! Campers explored how to plant & grow their own food and then prepare it for themselves, friends and family.

We learned WHERE our food comes from.

What is “sustainably sourced food” & HOW does it grow?!

We got our hands dirty & answered the questions!!

This week we created:


Healthy “freezies”!

Fruit Kabobs!

Smoothies: using a blender campers learned how to measure, mix, dice and blend!

Zucchini pizza bites: we plucked our very own zucchinis from the garden, diced them up and got to create our own little mini pizza bites!

Health-concious popsicles!

It’s fun to learn, play and then eat our very own creations!! Campers tried new foods & textures and learned to like and explore new tastes!


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Natalie Julien

Natalie has been a member of the Oak Learners staff since 2021. She has been teaching music lessons and hosting classes for Little Rebels and holds two post-secondary diplomas in Musical Theatre and grew up studying classical music (RCM). She has been teaching for the last 10+ years in many different capacities and is an active stage and screen performer. She has spent a lot of her life caring for children as a nanny, and brings an empathetic, patient and holistic approach to teaching. Nothing makes her happier than seeing a child’s confidence and instrument flourish! She is offering drama, voice & piano studies.
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