Tie-Dye Effect Painting with Markers

While tie-dye effect painting can be hard using dyes and elastics, especially if you want a specific design, this method gives you more control and is a lot of fun to experiment with.

What do you need to create a Tie-Dye Effect with permanent markers?

  • Cotton or canvas fabric (t-shirt, canvas shoes, pencil case, I used a rag!)
  • permanent markers, as many colours as you want
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • an eye-dropper or a straw 

How to create your “Tie-Dye”:

Tie-Dye Effect Painting with Markers

1. Hold down your fabric so its flat, you can tape it or ask for help.

2. Colour or draw shapes over as much of the fabric as you want.

Tie-Dye Effect Painting with Markers

3. Once you feel like your done lay it on a flat surface. (I recommend doing this part outside or on a plastic table cloth because the permanent ink may soak through).

Tie-Dye Effect Painting with Markers

4. Use the eye dropper or straw to dribble the alcohol onto what you draw/coloured. 

5. Watch it spread and mix together!

6. Let it dry!

Tie-Dye Effect Painting with Markers

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