Life has thrown me a few thorns. A PE teacher in grade school taught Yoga and I found all aspects of Yoga helped me to deal with the trauma I had experienced growing up. 

I grew up with an alcoholic father, who beat my mother; and at age 11, I talked the knife out of his hand, that he held at my mother’s neck. Holding all this inside for so many years created pockets of shame and sorrow. Yoga became an outlet, to release this negative energy and slowly my compassion, creativity, and sense of community grew and I felt whole again.

My own children and I have an amazing relationship, which I am forever grateful for; the older is an Educator and the younger is studying Psychology at University. They bring be joy every day and we love exploring the world together. 

I became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2012 and an AgeGroup Developmental Swim coach in 2004. My teaching journeys along the way have included,Yoga at a Women’s Prison, an Orphanage, Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centres, Schools, Yoga Centres, Private Clients and Retreats.

I hope you have fun, get fit and laugh with me as I learn to film myself while teaching yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. Join me for adaptive yoga, sport yoga, hatha beginner to advanced, pranayama-the breath, astanga inspired flow, yoga Nidra and meditation. I offer private and small group classes. 

Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is the Founder and Director of Oak Learners. She is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages and abilities reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly’s philosophy of education is based in the understanding that every child has the capacity to excel and succeed when they are given the tools and taught the skills to help them on their journey.
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