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Oak Learners has teamed up with Humber College and various other colleges to gather talented students from across Canada to work inside the school. Nick started at Oak Learners in the summer of 2022 as a placement student on the administration team. Nick shared what he has learned from working at Oak Learners and what takeaways he has from the placement.


Why did you choose Oak Learners as your internship with Humber College?

(Nick) “Oak Learners felt like a perfect fit for my work term placement. Working inside the school makes every day unique and special. The Oak Learners team was another big reason why I choose Oak Learners as my placement, everyone is very supportive and it feels like a true team environment.”

How did your Oak Learners placement enrich your learning?

(Nick) “Oak Learners has helped me during my studies by providing me with practical real-world experience and the understanding of working in a dynamic environment. The skills I have learned while working at Oak Learners have translated well into my classes and have helped prepare me for the future.

What brought you happiness when working with Oak Learners?

(Nick) “Some of my best memories of working at Oak Learners are achieving goals and challenges as a team. Everyone understands what needs to be completed and feels free to ask for help when they need it. Working in a strong team environment was definitely one of the best parts of working at Oak Learners. 

Another thing that I have enjoyed at Oak Learners is the overall drive of the team to provide the best possible learning experience and environment for children attending the school. Having a common goal within the workspace is definitely a motivation booster. 

How Will The Oak Learners Internship Benefit Your Career?

(Nick) “Oak Learners provided me with practical experience in digital marketing and administration which directly relates to my program at Humber College. It has also made me aware of what it is like to work in a changing environment and be open to new ideas. I am thankful I completed my work experience at Oak Learners due to the experiences I have gained and the strong connections I have made.


At Oak Learners, our mandate includes helping all learners reach their potential through creativity, confidence, and community. This mandate goes beyond what we do for our students and includes supporting new teachers, interns, and youth on their path to success.


Since its inception, Oak Learners has consistently provided opportunities for students and interns to work alongside experienced professionals to develop new skills and expand their learning opportunities. In addition to providing work experience and mentorship, Oak Learners has also invested in professional development courses and certifications for our teachers and staff. In the past year, our teachers have participated in courses through the Red Cross, Learning Without Tears, the National Institute for Learning Development, and more. Several of our teachers have also been working towards Postgraduate Degrees and their experiences at Oak learners have formed a foundation of experiential learning to augment the theory they were learning in class.


Last summer, Oak Learners was honored to receive the Canada Summer Jobs Grant from the Government of Canada in order to employ amazing students to support our camp programming. This was a huge step for Oak Learners towards supporting our continuous professional development plans as well as a fantastic opportunity to bring new energy and excitement into our programming. We are grateful for the support of our local community and elected representatives as we continue to strive to bring more opportunities for personalized learning to our students.

Oak Learners has a great day school and tutoring options. You can check out the day school where students learn all kinds of skills and build on them with personalized study habits. If you want personalized one on one tutoring online or in-person sessions as well, Oak Learners offers private tutoring here! Good luck with studying!

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Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is the Founder and Director of Oak Learners. She is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages and abilities reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly’s philosophy of education is based in the understanding that every child has the capacity to excel and succeed when they are given the tools and taught the skills to help them on their journey.
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