paper pinwheel

Have you ever seen tall towers that look like fans? Those are called, windmills (or wind turbines)! Windmills are large structures that use wind to produce electricity. Similar to windmills, today, we will make paper pinwheels. If it is a windy day, you can bring it outside to see it in action!


  • 6×6 Cardstock (or Construction Paper)
  • A Brass Fastener
  • Single Hole Puncher
  • Markers
  • A Straw
  • Scissors

Video Instructions

Extend the Activity!

To extend the activity, compare utilizing different materials such as aluminum foil to make the windmills. You can ask questions about wind, “What is wind? What causes it? How does it occur?” This promotes critical thinking and may interest your child to look more into it!

Have fun making your own paper pinwheels!

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