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Heading Back to School – 4 Tips To Jumpstart your School Pathway

With summer ending and back to school coming around the corner, the talks about classrooms begin to arise once again. Kelly Ferrell, Oak Learners Principal, was a special guest on the Etobicoke Lakeshore Podcast to talk more about back-to-school and getting your kids ready for classrooms again. Click the link above or here to listen to the podcast! With that being said, here are 4 tips you can do to get your kids ready for back-to-school.


1. Create a distraction free study-zone 

A good, neat workplace can greatly improve the quality of learning for a child studying or doing homework. Turning off devices, TVs, or other electronics to concentrate on homework tasks can greatly improve retention of information and quality of work. Helping your children work in these settings can be extremely beneficial for long-term school success.

2. Track more than just homework in your planner

Keeping an agenda or calendar to plan out school homework is a great start to the school year. Other than homework, you can also plan out many other events and tasks such as tests, study sessions, extracurricular work, holidays, and other important days. Making it a routine to plan out your child’s days can not only reduce stress on parents, but also helps the children when those important dates arise. Moreover, encouraging students to plan out their own agendas can give them a sense of control during hectic or stressful moments during the schoolyear, further giving them the chance to develop their skills of independence and time management.

3. Encourage independence

Children going back to school usually have the excitement jitters. Some ways to build independence and confidence can be gained from little things such as small chores around the house, helping make lunches, or other independent activities. As talked about before, keeping track of your homework planner daily can not only keep work on track, but get the kids excited for back-to-school.

4. Limit screen time

Whether or not to limit your child’s screen time can be a difficult decision for most parents. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there doesn’t need to be a strict limit on the amount of time children spend on devices, but rather examine the role of electronics in the “bigger picture”. Creating new habits for children such as choosing to limit screen time around work times or bedtime and getting them in a set routine can help keep them on the right track to stay focused and healthy.


If you want to listen to the full podcast with Kelly Farrell and Etobicoke Lakeshore Podcast, you can listen to it here on YouTube. If you want to learn more about Oak Learners private school and in person day school, you can check it out here.

Joshua Bulatovich

Joshua is a digital marketer and content writer with Oak Learners. He specializes in outlining the importance of student success and shares tips, tricks, or other useful information on everything school related.
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