Cherry Blossom DIY Art Activity
Cherry Blossom DIY Art Activity

Nothing says Spring like seeing cherry blossom trees begin blossoming in gorgeous shades of pink and white! This painting is a wonderful spring art project for kids with an added bonus of paiting with different textures!


  • Canvas pape
  • Acrylic or tempra paint (red, pink, white, black, green)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint palette and water container, recycled containers work great for this
  • Cotton balls with clothespins OR Qtips OR potato halves OR sponges


  1. Begin by using a black marker to draw an outline of the tree trunk and branches. The child can paint the trunk in with black paint.
  2. Use Qtips, or cotton balls held with clothespins to dab white and pink paint onto the branches to create the “blossoms”.
  3. Children can also use their fingers to dab on green leaves.

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