Summer Fun: How to Make Your Own Bubbles!

Bubbles are a fun summer activity for people of all ages! Follow the steps below to make your own homemade bubble recipe.

Materials Summer Fun: How to Make Your Own Bubbles!

  • Water (2 cups)

  • Dish soap (½ cup)

  • Glycerin (or corn syrup or honey)

    • Glycerin and honey: 3 tablespoons

    • If you use corn syrup: ¼ cup 

  • Measuring cups

  • Large bowl or container to hold your bubble solution

  • Large spoon for mixing

  • Bubble blowers 

    • Make your own with things you have at home

      • E.g. use a spatula with holes in it to hold the bubbles

      • Use pipe cleaners to create a circle or another round closed shape, attach the pipe cleaners to a stick or something long such as a pencil, popsicle stick, or chopstick

**If you don’t have honey, glycerin, or corn syrup, you can try using sugar in your bubble mixture!Here is a recipe to follow. You could also try using only dish soap and water, but the bubbles may not last as long (the added ingredients such as corn syrup or glycerine are what make the bubbles last).

Steps to Follow


Summer Fun: How to Make Your Own Bubbles!

Step 1: Pour 2 cups of water into a bowl. You can also use any large container that you want to keep your bubbles in. If you use a container with a lid, you can mix your ingredients in the container and then keep it in the container to save for another day.








measuring dish soap using measuring cup

Step 2: Pour ½ cup of dish soap into the bowl and mix it with the water using a large spoon.










pouring honey into bowlStep 3: Pour the glycerin (3 tablespoons) into the bowl (or 3 tablespoons of honey or ¼ cup of corn syrup). I used honey and it worked well!

Step 4: Mix all ingredients together with your spoon.

Step 5 (Optional): You can add food colours or sparkles to make your bubbles more colourful, but be careful as this may create a mess when the bubbles pop!

bowl with green homemade bubble solution

Step 6: Time to blow bubbles! You may wish to blow your bubbles outside if possible to avoid making a mess, but they will work just we well inside! Use your bubble wands (or a homemade version) to blow bubbles. If your bubble wand is larger, you can also transfer some of the bubble solution into a baking tray so that it is easier to fill the wand.




Fun Things to Do With Your Bubbles!

bubble balancing on a spoon

  • Try and catch a bubble on whatever you are using as a bubble blower!
  • Try and count all your bubbles before they pop or drift away!
  • See who can blow a bubble that goes the highest in the sky
  • Use a timer to see who’s bubble lasts the longer
  • Have one person blow bubbles and have another person try and pop them as fast as they can
  • You could incorporate blowing bubbles into an obstacle course (see our blog post here on tips for creating your own obstacle course!)
  • For a fun indoor bubble-related activity: Try this Poppin’ Bubbles dance from Go Noodle!

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Julia Hess

Julia is currently studying in the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University with a major in Psychology. She loves working with kids and people with disabilities and spends time volunteering and working in many community settings. She loves getting to know everyone she works with while supporting them in working towards their goals, and she hopes to work as an Elementary Special Education teacher in the future.
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