Fun Fitness Dance Activity

Ever wonder what to do with your kids during those rainy days? We know getting active and moving our bodies are good for us, but how many of us actually spend time intentionally get our bodies moving? This activity will get your kiddos moving while having fun! Even better is the bonding that happens between families when they work out together. I hope you have a blast with this fun dance activity.

I’m sure we all know the “Going on a Bear Hunt” childhood song. If you don’t, here is the link for the song on Youtube.


You can make this song active by doing various actions for each part of the song:

1- March in place

2- Tiptoe

3- Lift your arms up

4- Swim across the lake

5- Climb up the tree

6- Scurry from the bear

I hope this dance activity encourages you and your family to stay active!

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