Through watching a mini documentary on the Bahamas, our students grew interested in the world’s oceans! We asked as series of questions to guide their learning including:

  • What lives in the ocean?
  • What might be at the bottom of the ocean?
  • What would we need to do to see fish in the ocean?  How would we breathe?
  • How do fish breathe?
  • What colors make up the colors of the ocean? 
  • Some parts of the ocean are darker and some are lighter.  Why?

Beyond our discussion, students learned more through a painting/pasting art based activity.  The students developed an understanding about the colours that make up the world’s oceans and how people look at fish under water.

Next, the lesson included shades of color and how one primary color could become a “shade” through adding black or white. Students also learned that humans need oxygen to breathe, and as a class we learned why we hold our breath under the water! From there, we discovered that humans can visit fish in the ocean through using scuba gear or snorkeling masks and breathing tubes. To allow us to breathe underwater in the paintings, we created snorkeling masks and a breathing tube to include in our pictures!

The students had lots of fun exploring the ocean and making a mutli-media project to include some of the details they learned.

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