Colour with your Kids this Canada Day!

If you and your kids are feeling creative this Canada Day, we have the perfect activity to recommend. This year, CBC has released a colouring book created by artists from all over the country. Each page of the book was designed by a local artist, and is representative of the province or territory in which they live. The colouring book is completely free and is available to download as a PDF via this link. It is an awesome activity for children and adults alike! After all, you may want to colour by the water at your cottage, or to de-stress after a busy day of family gatherings.

This colouring book is a great resource that can (and should!) be used well beyond Canada Day. It introduces colourers to a variety of incredible Canadian artists and different styles of art. For example, Penny Heather created the New Brunswick colouring page and describes her style as fantasy realism (CBC Communications). You can view her online gallery and read more about her on her website. Mi’kmaq artist Marcus Gosse created the Newfoundland and Labrador page of the book. He incorporates the Mi’kmaq Star and Mi’kmaq Petroglyphs into this piece and many of his other paintings (CBC Communications). Gosee has even created his own colouring book “Colouring Mi’kma’ki” which is available to purchase via his website. We suggest taking a look at this CBC article to learn more about all of the artists who contributed to the “Great Canadian Colouring Book.” There are additional links provided in the article, which allow you to visit more of the artists’ websites.

CBC recommends printing the colouring book using your printer’s black and white settings. They are encouraging everyone to use #cbcmycanadaday when sharing completed colouring pages on social media. Happy colouring!

Source: “Colour your way across Canada with CBC,” CBC Communications, with submissions by Penny Heather and Marcus Gosse.

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Jasmine Brioux

Jasmine is a student at Nipissing University. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019 with a minor in French. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education and is in the Primary/Junior division. She has been working with children for 9 years as a dance instructor, tutor, camp counsellor and camp program director. Jasmine has also completed several placements in elementary classrooms, including French immersion settings. Her approach to education is student-oriented; she feels that authentic, inquiry-based learning is rewarding for both students and educators.
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