Effective Musical Instrument Practice at Home

Most people understand that the more practice on your instrument, the better you become. When it comes to habits, consistency is an important factor in making routines for practice. Some wonder how you can improve your practice habits without causing too much stress? Let’s look at six ways you can make better use of your time when practicing your musical instruments at home.

Partner Showcase: A New Take on Outdoor Education with Larchwood Nature OT Programming

At Larchwood Nature OT we are developing courage, confidence, coordination and deep care for our precious environment in all of our clients. Nature offers many opportunities for supporting development of the mind, muscles, senses, and emotions.

Partner Showcase: Make Music Magical with Little Rebels and Oak Learners

If there’s one thing we love, it’s educational spaces that are totally aligned. The Little Rebels mandate and vision line up magically with the Oak Learners vision to inspire creativity, foster technique and encourage confidence.

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