sensory bottles

Sensory bottles are fantastic tools that can help calm a child because of the sensory input it provides by looking at the items inside flow or feeling the bottle’s weight. Children may expand and work on their language and social skills by communicating with others and describing their play experience. It is a great way for children to discover, be curious and explore sensory!



  • A Plastic Bottle (with an opening wide enough to place items in)
  • Pompoms with a variety of sizes
  • Glitter and, or Confetti (optional)
  • Elmer’s Clear Glue (266 mL)
  • Warm water
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Food Colouring (optional)


  1. Pour the warm water halfway into the bottle.
  2. Add the clear glue where the sensory bottle becomes only 1/3 empty.
  3. Add the pompoms and glitter/confetti inside.
  4. Put the lid on the bottle and make sure it is closed tightly. Shake everything together!
  5. After, add the clear glue to the brim and shake.

Note: The more glue you put inside, the slower the items will flow!

Sealing the Sensory Bottle

Important: Please ensure that an adult or someone who knows how to use a hot glue gun is present to help in this step.

Using the hot glue gun, spread the glue around the neck of the bottle. Quickly place the lid on the bottle and close it tightly! This will prevent the bottle from leaking when it is being shaken. To ensure it is extra secure, wrap duct tape around the bottom of the lid.


Extend the Activity!

You can experience different liquids such as cooking/baby oil and water, hair gel and water, and engage in conversation by comparing how they differ from glue and water or hair gel. You could also create various themed sensory bottles related to your children’s interests, such as ocean creatures or dinosaurs.

If you do not have water bottles, you can also try making sensory squishy bags with a Ziploc bag, hair gel, glitter and food colouring. Please make sure you use duct tape to completely secure the bag (all four sides) from exploding when you squeeze it!


Happy Sensory Bottle Making!

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