blow painting with straws

Blow painting with straws is a fun activity for children because it provides excellent opportunities to experiment with colour and different ways to paint other than using a paintbrush. The best part is that this abstract art can be interpreted and turned into anything!



  • Straws
  • Watercolour Paint*
  • A Safety pin
  • Paper (cardstock, construction paper, or watercolour)
  • Spoons or Droppers
  • Cups
  • A tray (optional)

*Tempera paint or watered-down food colouring works too!

Straw Preparation

Before you begin the activity, take the safety pin and poke a hole in the straws. By doing this, it will prevent children from sucking up the paint into their mouths by accident!


  1. Mix the watercolour paint with water. This will allow the paint to flow easily when being blown on the paper.

TIP: Use less water so the paint is more pigmented. ?

  1. Use the spoon and release a few drops onto the paper.
  2. Take the straw and blow air through it to move the paint around!


Extend the Activity! 

You can engage in conversation with your child by discussing what happens when specific colours mix or what happens if they change the angle of the straw. You can also experiment with different types of paint!


Happy Painting!

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