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About WillowOT

Willow Occupational Therapy offers individualized and private therapy sessions for children and young adults. With a focus on developing independence, Willow employs evidence-based practices and a collaborative approach to skill development that encompasses family, community and the individual.

Willow offers home-school-, and daycare-based therapy sessions. We focus on working with individuals in “real-life” environments because it provides a more natural and un-fabricated perspective of a client’s life. This contributes to more authentic and personalized assessments and ultimately more successful interventions. Collaboration with Parents and Teachers is also paramount for successful programming. We treat members of a client’s social circle as teammates as they provide not only an in-depth understanding of the challenges and concerns that clients face, but also insight into the goals a client should strive to meet.

Occupational Therapy Services

Willow OT provides assessments, therapeutic interventions, and consultations in the home setting or at school. By employing formal assessment tools and significant clinical experience, Willow’s Comprehensive Assessment Process ensures the best form of intervention for the client. With a focus on customizing programming to meet the unique needs of individual clients, interventions imbed therapeutic techniques into everyday activities that are relevant, realistic and most importantly fun!


    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Gross Motor Skills
    • Play & Social Skills
    • Sensory Processessin
    • Daily Living Skills
    • School Skills
    • Recreational Services

At Home Programs from Willot OT

Articles from Willow OT

Squash Exploration

Comparing and contrasting food is a great way to ask exploratory open-ended questions about how a food engages our senses and later transition to questions on taste. Encourage curiosity and critical thinking by listing observations and making predictions about the squash varieties before you start cooking. Here are some examples from our recent Urban Farming & Cooking Class:

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Personalized Guacamole

The key to promoting open-mindedness and excitement over trying new foods with kids is providing them as much control and decision-making power as possible. Trust is reciprocal, and as your child feels trusted with decisions and contributing to the cooking process, they’ll feel like they can trust the space to openly assess how they taste something

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Baked Zoodle Cups

Zoodles are an accessible way to put your child in charge of the meal’s main event, while making something visually interesting and with a firmer texture then sliced or chopped options. Engage in some sensory exploration by challenging them to make and find the longest zoodle they can, and count the rings remaining on the end of a spiralized zucchini. This recipe is as great for exploring tastes as it is for enhancing fine and gross motor skills!

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