Support Our Lower Level Expansion

Oak Learners is expanding our Music and Movement space at our centre to better serve the growing needs of our school and our community. We are reaching out for support with the renovations and furnishing for our new space, which is expected to be ready by late-October 2019.

Since it’s inception in 2015, Oak Learners has continuously expanded our programs to fulfill to the needs and requests of the community. Over 350 families have been through our doors, partaking in unique, arts-enriched and personalized programs.

The next steps for Oak Learners include adding additional space on our lower level and expanded programs. A new Music and Movement space, specially designed for children, will help Oak Learners offer a more comprehensive programming, improved day camps as well as after-school and weekend initiatives.

We have designed our Centre to provide unique and creative learning spaces. We would like to invite you to participate in our school expansion, either by sponsoring the Music and Movement Space (in full or in part), or providing furniture or accessories. You will find below a wish list of materials and furnishings that are required to complete this renovation.

This expansion needs your support to succeed in a timely fashion.

Renovation needs
(for a 60’ x 20’ area):

  • Wall Paint (15 Gallons)RECEIVED
  • Drywall sheets ( qty: ~30)
  • Wooden studs – 2’x4’x8’ (qty: ~30)
  • Flooring (approx. 20’x40’)RECEIVED
  • Interior Doors (w/frames) – 4×32” and 1×36” – RECEIVED 1
  • Industrial Size Dehumidifier with hose drainage
  • Area Rugs (2 x 8×10’)
  • Acoustic Ceiling Panels – drop in tiles, 4×2 to cover 60’x40’ area (~100)
  • Fluorescent light ballasts (~25)RECEIVED 12 
  • Fluorescent light translucent covers (~25)RECEIVED 12
  • Electrical supplies to add 4 new outlets (~100ft of electrical wire + outlet fixtures)


  • ToiletRECEIVED
  • Sink + Faucet + vanityRECEIVED
  • Plumbing fixtures for 2pc bathroom
  • Toilet Sewage Pump (upflush)

Facility Wishlist:

  • Full size guitar
  • ¾ size Guitar
  • Ukuleles (x4)
  • Digital Piano (with weighted keys) – PURCHASED
  • Handheld Percussion Instruments
  • Acoustic Panels (x6)
  • Stereo and SpeakersRECEIVED
  • Yoga Mats
  • Meditation Cushions or mats
  • Storage Cabinets or Bookshelves
  • Standing Fans

To donate any of these resources please email us at or call us at 416-820-5233