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Personalized Private Tutoring at Oak Learners

Effective learning assistance requires more than just tutoring. At Oak Learners, we offer a unique approach that blends mentoring, mindfulness, and academic support to ensure the best possible outcome for your child.

Private Tutoring sessions are individually scheduled and students are paired with an experienced teacher for academic and learning support. Many of our teachers have experience working with students with learning disabilities and other exceptionalities and provide programming based on the individual needs of the students.

From the onset of the sessions, our tutors will carry out a process of assessment, planning, and reporting that includes regular feedback to parents and regular reflection support with each student on their own progress. Progress is tracked each session and reviewed regularly to ensure the program implementation meets the needs of each student and that the goals set at the outset are being met or exceeded, in which case new goals can be set so that students are constantly being pushed forward along their own learning continuum. 


Subjects & Ages

Available for all students: Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Available for ALL subjects and learning skills, including:

Literacy, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Math, French, Science 

Homework Support, Time Management Skills, Study Skills, Typing/ Keyboarding, Executive Functioning Skills, and much more. 



Private Tutoring is booked in 60-min sessions, at a mutually convenient time that recurs on a weekly basis at the same day/time each week. A small buffer of time is set aside at the start and end of each session so that parents can check in and check out with the tutor. If you ever feel that you need or want more time to review your child’s progress with the tutor, please feel welcome to schedule this through our office so we can build it into the timetable. 

Consistency is important! As educators and parents, we know that children do best with predictable timetables and positive relationships with their teachers. Therefore, committing to a full term, or a full school year of tutoring allows more time to strengthen the student-teacher relationship and to build on the progress of each term. A longer commitment also helps with teacher-retention rates and this means that we can also commit to maintaining your child’s regular session timing each week. 


**NOTE: Tutoring fees are scheduled to increase on February 1, 2023. Current rates and packages will only be available until January 31, 2023. 

Sessions are purchased in bulk and pricing is based on the average class/session being 60 minutes and the average term lasting 12 weeks. Tutoring credits will be added to a student’s account and deducted from the account each week the student attends. Make-up sessions for missed classes are encouraged to be booked within the same term as the missed session as credits will not be carried over longer than 12 months.  

Bulk pricing is lower per session based on the quantity of sessions purchased (ie. 12 sessions are $71 each, 36 sessions are $67 each.) 36 sessions will last for almost the entire school year (Sept-June), which is typically 39 weeks, and allowing for a few missed classes. 

12 Sessions – $852 ($71 each)

24 Sessions – $1656 ($69 each)

36 Sessions – $2412 ($67 each)


How it Works

1) Let us know you are interested in working with an Oak Learners teacher! Email tutoring@oaklearners.ca or complete the form below, so we can begin to work with you to design a personalized tutoring program for your child(ren).

* Please check your spam for an email response!

2) Our Tutoring Coordinator will reach out to you to complete a “Student Intake Questionnaire”. This will help us understand more about your child so we can assign the best teacher to work with them.

3) Our Tutoring Coordinator will review your Intake Form and assign one of our qualified teachers to work with you and your child(ren). We invite you to arrive a few minutes early for your first session in order to have time to meet the teacher and review your goals for your child. 

4) Before beginning tutoring sessions, please purchase credits towards tutoring sessions through our website below. Credits can be purchased in bulk and refilled at any time to continue sessions.

Online Private Tutoring sessions use our unique online platform to track progress and schedule sessions. Teachers and students will use Zoom to connect for each session, allowing maximum interaction between the teacher and student.

In-Person Private Tutoring sessions is available at both the Royal York Campus and the Lake Shore Campus. (Click here for directions). Communication and reflection books are used to maintain tracking of tutoring sessions and communication between parents and teachers. Parents are encouraged to arrive 5 minutes early either at the start or end of a lesson to communicate directly with a teacher or alternatively communicate via email.

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