Oak Learners Alternative Day School 2022

Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the teachers?

All teachers at Oak Learners are passionate about personalized learning and Outdoor Education. Teachers will have specialized education and training, including their OCT (Ontario College of Teachers) or RECE (Registered Early Childhood Education) membership.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day varies depending on the year of schooling your child is enrolled in. Follow the alternative day school link and select the year of schooling to view a typical day.

Will Oak Learners provide lunch for my child?

Oak Learners does not provide lunch for the children. Your child should bring a packed lunch each day. There are specific rules to follow, as Oak Learners is a strictly NUT-FREE facility.

Does Oak Leaners do pick-up and drop-off?

Oak Learners does not provide pick-up or drop-off. There is however a bus stop steps away from the school for the 76A to and from Royal York Station. 

When does a typical school day start and end?

A typical school day begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:30pm.

What happens before the school day starts?

There is the option for before school care and early arrival supervision from 7:00am to 9:00am. It comes at an additional fee.

What happens after the school day is done?

There is the option for after school care and extended care supervision from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. It comes at an additional fee.

How do I register for day school?

We are currently accepting applications for Full-Time and Part-Time programs for 2022-2023 enrollment. You must book an intake call with the school director to begin the process.

Is my child automatically enrolled in summer camp if they are in day school?

No, this is a separate application and enrollment. Registration can be done using the following link, with the waitlist submission at the bottom of the page. Day school kids get early access to summer camp registration. 

Tutoring- Will my child have the same teacher each session?

Yes, upon purchase of credits your child is assigned a teacher based on subject and skill level.

Kinder Readiness - What will my child learn?

This class is a preparatory program for children ages 3 to 4. It is a half day from 9:30am to 12:00pm, that teaches the main skill sets and introduces the key concepts your child will use in their future kindergarten classes. 

Kinder Readiness - How do I prepare my child for this program?

It is ideal that your child is potty trained, however other than that, our Kindergarten Readiness teacher is there to assist and guide your child towards independence.

Kinder Readiness - What do I need to send with my child?

Your child needs a pair of indoor shoes, a change of clothes (underwear included), a packed lunch, a water bottle, and weather appropriate outerwear (according to the season).

Oak Online - How do I cancel or pause my membership subscription?

In the top right hand corner of the website you will see “Hello” and your name. Clicking on your name will take you to your account page. Once on your account page click on “subscriptions” in the left hand menu. There you will be able to manage your active subscriptions.

Oak Online - How do I find out what classes are available each day?

If you are not currently subscribed to Oak Online you can view upcoming classes here: https://oaklearners.ca/oakonline/

If you are enrolled in Oak Online you can view the classes and find the links to join the classes, once you are logged in to your account, here: https://oaklearners.ca/classes/

Does Oak Learners offer Special Support Staff?

Oak Learners does not offer special support staff, as we have teachers and child specialists on site. We are however open to collaboration with outside specialists that your child has been, or is beginning to work with. These IT, ABA, OT, Speech, etc., professionals will to have sign an agreement with Oak Learners in regards to communication with the school, along with the family. 

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