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Our interactive online classes aim to inspire learning through an authentic skill-based curriculum.

Our teachers nurture children’s natural curiosity about their world with student-centered virtual experiences.
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What are parents saying about Oak Online??


Impressive Results!

My son Darius, now 9 years old, has been attending Oak Learners for years! Currently he is doing Oak Online and he’s so excited everyday do meet his teacher and his new friends. It’s been a great way to socially distance but still stay social for my only child.
I couldn’t thank Kelly and Oak Leaners enough for creating such a lovely environment for my son. 
Highly highly recommend.

Engaged children!

My daughter has attended the virtual kindergaten STEAM program online with Oak Learners for a few months now and I have nothing but wonderful things to say. She loves the classes so much that each morning she wakes up and asks if today is her zoom chat day.
Doran is an absolute dream. She is so patient and engaging with all of the students. The class structure is perfect and age appropriate. The experiments are so much fun and perfect for adults and kids alike.  

Leading the Way!

In a time of so much uncertainty, it has been wonderful to see a school press forward and embrace the change. Thank you to Oak Learners for helping keep my 7th grader educated during these unprecedented times. 

It’s been so for her to have this amazing option of learning virtually everyday with a dedicated and accredited teacher like you!! We LOVE Oak Learners!!!



Thankful Parents!

Fantastic centre, definitely recommend!

Kelly has done a wonderful job accommodating our families needs during the covid times. Our son participated in the preK online session which were wonderfully run by Doran, and more recently in the summer camp program. Everything has been well organized and communicated.

We are looking forward to participating in even more programs with Oak Learners.

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Class Descriptions

Kinder Story Time (Ages 3-6) – Start your week off with storytime! We will read a new story together every week and engage in fun activities to extend our learning.

Kinder Science (Ages 3-6) – Our curiosity will guide us as we learn about the world around us through storytimes, games, and activities.

Drawing & Colouring (All Ages) Let’s draw and colour together! Don’t forget your markers, paper, crayons, or any other drawing/colouring materials you would like to use!

Let’s Move on Zoom (Ages 5+) – Through this class, we will explore different sports and develop skills for each. We will combine physical movement with different activities focused on these sports. This is a great way to channel your energy and have fun!

Kinder Math (Ages 4-6) – Come join us to develop your mathamatical skills through various games and fun activities!

Painting Class (All Ages) – Get your paint, paintbrushes and some paper to create some art for your home! Children can follow along or create their own masterpiece.

Kinder Games (Ages 4-6) – We will play lots of fun and interactive games together, and work on literacy and math skills at the same time!

Let’s Learn About ASL (Ages 6+) -We will learn about Hard of Hearing and Deaf culture from Deaf educators, online. This will encourage and help promote better awareness of and sensitivity to the deaf and hard of hearing community

Kinder Music (Ages 4-6) – We will have lots of fun making music together, using our sing-along spinner, and playing musical games!

Get Crafty (All Ages) – Engage in some guided craft time with Jenna. We will create something new each class, working on our creativity and imagination skills. Materials needed: various construction paper colours, scissors, glue and markers.

Story Time (All Ages) – Come join us for Story Time! For each class, we will spark imagination and stimulate curiosity by reading a range of books of different genres and multicultural children’s literature. We will also listen to music by diverse artists.

Fun, Fitness & Games (Ages 6+) – Let’s get movin’ and groovin’! Will engage in a vareity of fitness activities and games to develop healthy habits and social skills

Kinder Literacy (Ages 4-6) – Come join us to develop your literacy skills through read aloud, games, and fun activities!

STEAM Adventures (Ages 3-6) – Every class is a new adventure! Let’s stretch our bodies, sing and dance, and get creative with materials! This 45-minute class will explore topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. 

Virtual Field Trip (All Ages) – Let’s explore and learn from the comfort of our own homes! The possibilities are endless with virtual field trips! There’s no telling where we will travel to next!

Yoga with Doran (Ages 3-8) – Explore mindfulness and yoga poses through a fun and interactive class.

Cheer & Dance (All Ages) – We got spirit, yes we do! Follow along while learning cheerleading moves, dances and exercises with Jenna! A fun and active class for all. Please bring water!

Science (All Ages) – Together we will explore and learn about the world through science experiments, story times and activities!

Kindergarten STEAM (Ages 4-6) – Welcome to Kindergarten STEAM with Doran!
(STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, & Math)
Every class is a new adventure!

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