The Learning Garden

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Our Learning Garden Plan

Oak Learners is committed to teaching children with experiential and meaningful resources. The Mimico Community is a beautiful, progressing area. The seasonal flowers, the painted tulips, and small businesses, all make the community a brighter and more welcoming space. Oak Learners wants to be a part of that change and progression, by incorporating the Learning Garden. 

The Learning Garden focuses on using the back area of Oak Learners to input planters, along with expanding the green space around the city’s tree plots. The use of flowers will create a greener and even more beautiful space, allowing nature to thrive, along with expanding the children’s opportunity to learn!


2023 Garden Upgrades

This year, we are collaborating with conservation and educational partners to add more upgrades to our Learning Garden and create a space that is not only teaching our students important lessons about urban gardening ecosystems while also moving towards a focus on sustainability and including pollinator-friendly plants for bees and butterflies.



Our Plans for the Learning Garden


Our Progress


Our Favourite Recipes

Eggplant Exploration

Eggplant Exploration

This or that? Exploring new foods with deeper questions around why one is tastier than another allows you the ability to prompt more descriptive answers when discussing food, rather than giving kids the intimidating “yes or no” options only.

Take a peek inside our Brussel Sprouts exploration!

Take a peek inside our Brussel Sprouts exploration!

We start every cooking and urban farming class with asking exploratory questions about our main vegetable of the day. For brussel sprouts, we were curious about if they grow from the inside-out, or the outside-in. We also tried to think of other vegetables that seem similar, and our students were right to think they were similar to cabbages as they are both members of the brassica family!


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