February 23, 2017

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Our Practitioners

Rose Diamanti is a committed educator with extensive expertise in the Special Education process. Her first hand experience as educator on school teams and current knowledge of Ontario School Curriculum makes her a welcome member of the Oak Learners educational consulting team. Rose has been an arms-length member of the IPRC- Individual Placement and Review Committee as well as a Special Education teacher with practical experience working with exceptional students. Rose possesses expertise in development of the Ontario Individual Education Plan and is able to work with your child’s school to be able to tailor the IEP to suit your child’s strengths and needs.

Kelly Farrell is dedicated to supporting learners and their families reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly is an OCT Certified teacher and has over 10 years of experience teaching in the classroom and working with students of all abilities, especially those with learning disabilities, special needs and mental health needs. Kelly is passionate about helping parents navigate the education system and advocate for the best interests of their children.

Physcho-Educational Assessments

Psycho-Educational Assessments in Reading, Writing, Math and Oral Language are provided through our network of approved practitioners.

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IEP & Educational Consulting

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Parent & Family Advocacy Services

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