Elementary Curriculum

Small Classes

6:1 ratio in all classes, allowing for personalized and enriched learning opportunities.

Outdoor Education

At least 2hrs every day is spent learning outside in our community and natural surroundings.

Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning and site-based learning. 

Arts-Enriched Curriculum

Enhanced learning through the Arts, including daily dance, music, movement, art and creative expression.

Learning Exceptionalities

Personalized instruction to support all learners, including Gifted, LD an Mental Health needs. 


Integrated learning through Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Math. 

Oak Learners offers progressive, interdisciplinary, inquiry-based programming in a student-driven, teacher-facilitated, alternative learning environment.

Each learner goes through a cyclical process of identifying their unique strengths, needs, goals, and interests. Through collaboration with teachers, peers, parents and members of their community, they design inquiry-based projects to guide their learning over the course of a term.

Each day at Oak Learners brings new learning opportunities through an integrated and immersive approach to elementary education. Ontario Curriculum content and skill achievement guidelines are covered and enriched through a holistic approach to learning in a project-based inquiry model, leading to a much deeper and richer learning experience for the students.



Core Skills: Reading, Writing

Reading and Writing form the building block for communication FOR and ON learning. At Oak Learners, we approach Literacy through an Integrated approach, which means that Reading and Writing skills are taught within other subject areas, such as Science or Social Studies. Children develop strong literacy habits and communication skills through meaningful experiences with text.


Core Skills: Mathematics

Math is all around us and students at Oak Learners are taught to recognize Mathematical patterns and apply problem solving skills through real-world applications. Mathematics instruction at Oak Learners takes a very hands-on approach, using manipulatives as well as leveled workbooks to provide an enriched approach to learning Math.



We believe that STEM Education plays a very important role in educating young leaders of the 21st Century. The more students can observe, explore, question and design the world around themselves, the more they have the opportunity to construct true understanding of new concepts an



We believe that Arts Education plays a very important role in educating young learners. We make sure to integrate Art, Music, Drama and Dance throughout our days, throughout every subject area. The Arts brings learning to life and provides a context for deep emotional and social learning.


Independent Study

Each student at Oak Learners is encouraged to spend time regularly on an independent study project of their own choosing. Teachers will act as mentors and guides for facilitating research and reporting. The purpose of the Independent project is to give children something they are passionate about to learn more about and share with their peers. It provides an opportunity from the students to also learn from each other, recognizing that each persona brings unique interests and talents to the classroom.


Curriculum Enhancements

The regular academic curriculum is enhanced with special guest instructors, field trips and regular involvement in the community. Students will spend a great deal of time out in the community, enriching their classroom learning experiences.

Student Project Showcase

Read about how our students hatched Ducklings in the spring of 2018 as part of an amazing Inquiry-based unit on animal life-cycles and eco-systems. CLICK HERE for the whole story!


Now Accepting Applications

We are currently accepting students to our Full-Time and Part-Time Programs for the 2019-2020 school year.
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