April 18, 2016

Our Team

Kelly Farrell
Education Director
Kelly is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages and abilities reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly is an OCT Certified teacher and has over 10 years of experience teaching in the classroom and working with students of all abilities, especially those with learning exceptionalities, including LD, ASD, social emotional needs and anxiety. Kelly has a passion for empowering students to develop confidence through building on their strengths to support their difficulties.


Michelle Pomeroy
Michelle graduated from the University of Toronto in 2009 with a Master of Arts in Child Study and Education and a certificate in Special Education. In 2010, she began working at a project-based, independent school that focused on providing engaging, experiential, individualized programming for students with a wide range of learning abilities. In 2014, she decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and moved to San Diego, California, where she continued to develop her teaching practice, as well as her love and commitment to environmental conservation. She is currently in the process of developing shark-based workshops for students in elementary schools all over the country and is looking forward to sharing her experiences and passions with her students in Toronto. In addition to her conservation work, Michelle can also be found improvising on a stage, sailing in Lake Ontario, photographing historic buildings and travelling around the world.
Nici Shipway
Educator, Behavioural Consultant
Nici shipway had been working in the education field for the past 16 years specializing in ABA and IBI for children on the Autism spectrum. She has worked in many centres and homes across the GTA supporting the entire family. She is passionate about art in all forms and enjoys incorporating it into her way of teaching.
James Duff
Music Teacher
James is a recent graduate of the Dalhousie University (B.Mus.). He has been playing the classical, steel string, and electric guitar for more than a decade. He has a thorough knowledge of classical repertoire, as well as repertoires in Celtic music, jazz, rock, and popular music. During his degree he also took on studying North Indian music and currently studies Sarod under Ud. Irshad Khan. He has had great success adding Indian teaching techniques (especially in rhythm) to his lessons stemming from this experience. As a teacher, James has had success with a patient pedagogical approach always paired with fun and enthusiasm. He tirelessly wishes to bring the joy of music to anyone willing to learn and has taught students on a wide variety of instruments.
Teresa Mormile
Teacher / Tutor
Kelly Letros
Behaviour Therapist, Tutor
Kelly Letros, B.A., is an education / behaviour instructor therapist who is passionate about facilitating individual learning journeys for children. Using creative programming, she looks to excite and inspire students, catering to their unique learning style.
Arlen P
Literacy Tutor
Mark Ritter
Music Teacher
Katie Hartford
Tutor: Math, Science, Business
Julie Minogue

Special Thanks to our fantastic team of volunteers, always willing to lend a hand:

Makayla M

Ahu Talsik

Dave Farrell

Julianna Haveman

Branda Dale

Daniela F.