Our interactive online classes aim to inspire learning through an authentic skill-based curriculum.

Our teachers nurture children’s natural curiosity about their world with student-centered virtual experiences.
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Live Online Classes

Regularly scheduled, drop-in classes for ages 3-12. Our unique membership format allows you to try new classes and join as your own schedule permits. 

Individual Attention

Our online instructors are employees of Oak Learners who believe in relationship-based teaching and personalized instruction. 


Interactive & Engaging

More than just an online class! Oak Online provides an innovative and highly engaging platform for children to interact with each other and their instructors. 

Small Groups

Classes are typically 2-4 participants, allowing for the building of relationships and lots of time for individual attention. 

Innovative Ideas

Outside the box teaching methods and classes include the Arts, Fitness, STEM, Dance, languages, academics and more! 

What are parents saying about Oak Online??


Impressive Results!

My son has been attending Oak Learners for years! Currently, he is doing Oak Online and he’s so excited every day to meet his teacher and his new friends. It’s been a great way to socially distance but still stay social for my only child.

Engaged children!

My daughter has attended the virtual Kindergaten STEAM program online with Oak Learners for a few months now and I have nothing but wonderful things to say. She loves the classes so much that each morning she wakes up and asks if today is her zoom chat day.

Leading the Way!

In a time of so much uncertainty, it has been wonderful to see a school press forward and embrace the change. Thank you to Oak Learners for helping keep my 7th grader educated during these unprecedented times. 


Thankful Parents!

Oak Learners has done a wonderful job accommodating our family’s needs during the covid times. Our son participated in the preK online session which were wonderfully run by Doran, and more recently in the summer camp program. Everything has been well organized and communicated. 


Amazing Instructors!

My daughter has been doing the online classes all summer. She’s tried almost everything but of course has her favourites. She loves it and so does mom and dad. The instructors are amazing – they make sure all kids are engaging and participating without forcing. It’s a wonderful talent in my opinion.

Oak Online Enrichment Classes and Summer Camps!

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Our interactive online classes aim to inspire learning through an authentic skill-based curriculum. Instructors at Oak Learners believe in relationship-based classrooms and experiential teaching methods. This is online learning like you’ve never seen it before!

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Class Descriptions

Kinder Literacy (Ages 4-6) – Come join us to develop your literacy skills through read aloud, games, and fun activities!

Kinder Math (Ages 4-6) – Come join us to develop your mathamatical skills through various games and fun activities!

Mental Math (Ages 6+) – Let’s figure out tricks to making math easier together through games, tips, and other fun activities that will make math fun!
Creative Writing (Ages 6+) – Get your pencils and papers ready! This class will practice writing skills through creative prompts and discussions.

Yoga with Doran (Ages 3-8) – Explore mindfulness and yoga poses through a fun and interactive class.

French (Ages 6+) – Join us, and let’s practice French through games, discussions, videos, and much more! 

Memory Games (Ages 4-6) – Let’s improve our memory through fun games! Also, we will discuss learning strategies and tips for staying organized in school.

Preschool Playground (Ages 2-4) – Children will explore both phenomena through song, literature, science, and movement.

Virtual Tours and Trips (All Ages) – Let’s go on a virtual field trip together and explore different parts of the world, different cultures, different foods, and learn more about the world around us!

Russian (All Ages) – If you want to practice your Russian oral skills, this class is for you!

Experiment Time with Allison (Ages 8-10) – A fun way to explore and learn, while doing experiments!

Arts & Experiments (Ages 6-8) – What better way to use your own two hands to explore the world of art and experiments! Let’s have some virtual fun of getting messy with art and experiments!

Art (All Ages) – Let’s have an excellent start to our morning with some art! Don’t forget to bring some pencils, paper, coloring pencils, and anything else that you’d like to use!

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